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Referral Fees for New Solar Power Systems

Earn some extra dollars from April 20th 2016. Free Solar is offering generous referral fees, up to $52 per kW installed. For example: for a 6kW referral we would pay up to $338 (6.5 x $52) to anyone that refers a friend or family member that buys a system. If you claim 1 x 6kW referral a day for 5 days and that is up to $1690 in referral fees that we will pay you!

The referred person also benefits as they receive a 5% discount (up to $383) off recommended retail pricing, this discount is not valid for systems already on special. Only referred customers get this discount!  

Free Solar is building this referral program, not just for one off referrals, but to help our customers on an ongoing basis, so that the program may ultimately be used as a "work from home" job for retirees or stay at home Mums and Dads who are ideally placed to make the most of social media, friends, clubs and family networks.

Our intention is to build a workforce of customers that feed referrals to Free Solar,  driven by generous fees, but mostly because we simply do the best job in the industry.

The owner of the business, Mr Craig Balmanno is the recipient of the Young Australian of the Year for the Queensland Environment as well as the Queen's Trust Recipient for his work in helping Queensland's Environment.

Solar Referral Fee Claim Form

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